Christa Roby

As a child, Africa was always close to the heart. This foreign land became a desire of the future; to serve and to love others in this place. In 2002, Christa made her first three week trip. Feeling a sense of connection, she knew there would be more. Returning home was a reality of preparing to set her path for Africa. After a few years; gaining education, work experience and finances, Christa returned in 2009 to serve with Hands at Work in South Africa. In this time, she served in various capacities from agriculture to home based care to project support while living between South Africa and Zambia.

One morning in March of 2014 Christa felt God stirring her heart for a new direction. Now was a time to invest in healthcare for elders and those in need of physical relief. Seeking the how’s and why’s led Christa to Malawi.

July 2015, she made the shift and settled to her new home of Nkhata Bay.
Arriving to an unknown town, unknown culture and unknown language, each day began with small steps to what may lie ahead. For 1 year, Christa committed to invest in the culture. Traversing the same hills, sleeping on the same floors and eating the same food. This time was not only a learning time of the need in Nkhata Bay but an understanding of the potential to impact daily life.

In 2017, Health in Motion was born. The igniting and recognition of a need to serve the limitations of physical movement not only for the impact on health but to awaken the heart of dignity, value and worth for all.