To equip rural communities in sustaining physical movement for all while providing home care for chronic limitations through locally led initiatives and partnerships.



Strengthening the future of rural communities through physical movement.


Core Values

At HiM, we have set 5 values that are essential to our work.

Compassion- the cornerstone of why we do what we do. To act out of compassion is to live out the call of being ‘Christ-like’ in relationship with others.

Relief of Pain- for many parts of Africa, pain is overlooked. There is no time to engage in pain and the impact it may be having on oneself. We desire to step into the gap and bring relief to an often silenced need.

Restored Dignity- we strive to recognize the needs of the voiceless and engage the community to stand where no one is standing for the betterment of patients.

Community- We believe in strengthening individuals and communities through personal relationships while working in collaboration with others. Both locally and internationally.

Hearing their Voices- our focus is in the voice of the community. To hear, learn and engage based on what they teach us while casting aside our internal desire of what is ‘best.’