Meet the Chief

Meet one of the chiefs from our current communities. ​As he attended our awareness campaign, it was only a short time for him to understand the concept being approached and begin standing as an advocate within those attending. Immediately after he began walking in the community teaching others what he had been taught and encouraging tools of change to support a decrease in low back pain and limitation. Within his own home he quickly built the washing table and stand up broom (photo below). Knowing his wife may resist these changes on her own accord, he chose to lead the way by building these structure to support her daily chores while also voicing his respect and value of her as a wife no matter how she did her daily activities. Through this more men in the community have been encouraged to be a similar voice for their homes.

Currently he is standing as one of our champions of change within the community and supporting various strategies of change to prevent injury and physical limitation.

Meet our Granny

One of our eldest community members. This year she turned 100yrs and has been an inspiration in her spirit to keep going. When we met her in 2015, not only was she no longer walking but her knees were contracted in flexion and bent up behind her ears allowing her to only shuffle on her bottom. Due to her limitation, she relied on family to bathe her, feed her and take her to the bathroom. After spending 4 months providing basic movement and exercises, she began to walk once again. Through this, she regained a sense of dignity and value to tend to her own basic needs while also engaging in daily life by making small brooms for selling.