“Table use and bending- stories from the field”

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Over the past weeks we have worked with our community educators to look at how various forms of tables may be helpful in day to day activities versus working from the ground. As the educators went back to their homes, they worked with groups of community members teaching them the value of tables at home.

Sharing with you today is one story which was highlighted by Flora; our field facilitator as she carried out follow-up home visits through the communities.

“In August I visited the village of Timbiri, where I met Kelliness, who is seven months pregnant. She told us about the discomfort she had been having while bending from the hips to do her chores at the ground level. The ability to bend over her growing stomach was extremely difficult and created an increased discomfort.

As our community educators had taught Kelliness about having a standup table for washing dishes, clothing, preparing food and other tasks, she had built a table for herself. She now said that having the table has been really helpful since she hasn`t been having to bend over her stomach.

I was inspired by the change this made for her and hope to share with so many other pregnant women I meet as we continue in the communities.”

Personally, my highlight comes to the elders in the community. As I have chatted with many they express the joy to no longer be bent in pain.

Another elder woman strengthened by standing.

When they bend to wash dishes for 20mins or clothing for an hour, to rise up after comes with great stiffness and pain. To visit the homes and see the elders carrying out simple daily tasks with a smile on their face is a true affirming of value.

Community members took on the task of building tables around their homes to be used in various capacities. Over the course of 6 weeks, 26 of our educators supported 358 homes who now have tables being used. As we continue educating the communities and working together in sharing various strategies, we are encouraged by the decreased levels of pain for many and hope to continue being a light of hope and life in their daily activities!

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